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Bi. Poly. Kinky.

your fantasy is not my reality

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The short version:

I am a pansexual, poly, kinky, secularist.

I try to post about topics that are important to me and have substance.

I post 1 - 2 times a month, read my f-list every day and comment often.

I enjoy reading journals of people from all walks of life - especially if they are much different from my own.

18+ only, 25+ preferred.

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I have been part of my local bdsm community for the last 8 years and have volunteered inside and outside of leadership roles within it. I have been less involved over the last couple of years, but plan to return again once it's time.

In the beginning of my journey, I identified as submissive. Over the last four years, several major life events have caused me to reexamine all of myself, the kinky and not-kinky. The cumulative result has led me to where I am now: expressing, exploring, and identifying as dominant.

I am in a Female Led Relationship with my boyfriend of three years who identifies as a bottom. Our relationship does not involve any formal D/s outside of our kinky play. At times, it has been challenging to navigate such a dynamic and determine what works. But, then, I do love a good challenge...
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